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Broadview Park Personal Injury Lawyer


Perazzo Law is fully-dedicated to placing its Broadview Park client's interests and well-being at the forefront of their personal injury claims for compensation from any of the practice areas we handle in Broward County.

Nestled between the Florida Turnpike and the 441, this town of almost 8000 residents is quiet and stress-free suburbia. The locals enjoy peaceful streets and sunny skies. However, wherever people roam accidents lurk. Driveway accidents are a common occurrence as motorists backing out of a driveway may fail to spot an oncoming cyclist, pedestrian or fellow motorists. When this happens, the result can be twisted handlebars, a busted headlight, or even a fractured hip. The elderly and children are most at risk of injury as a result of driveway accidents in suburban neighborhoods. Animal attacks are quite common as well. With many large yards and gardens, large dogs may dwell, with children or guests falling victim to the territorial instinct of these four-legged pets. Perazzo Law highlights the fact that dog attacks are quite common, with injuries ranging from minor flesh wounds to severe bites that can leave permanent scarring. Uber and rideshare delivery services related accidents are growing in number within suburban areas as home delivery become more popular. Delivery drivers unfamiliar with the Broadview Park layout may find themselves depending on GPS and cell phone services, which could cause distraction behind the wheel. When drivers are distracted by cell phone use, an accident can happen. Construction work can be a regular site within communities that are growing or that have public places and spaces with potential for urban development. Anytime there is construction work being carried-out, the potential for a construction work related accident exists. Perazzo Law knows that construction work accidents can usually be prevented by making sure to abide by safety precautions on or around a construction site. Construction workers must wear the appropriate protective clothing and be cautious of the potential dangers that lurk on the work site. However, many times, construction workers fall victim to negligence on behalf of the employer. When this happens, Perazzo Law suggests looking into a potential Construction Worker Accident Claim.  

Perazzo Law knows about suburban accidents and how to handle legal matters that involve residents of small communities such as Broadview Park. Accidents that involve personal injury, property damage, or losses, deserve fair compensation. Perazzo Law serves Broadview Park accident claims by providing fair and tailor-made legal representation to victims of negligent motor vehicle operators, business operators, and service providers in Broadview Park. 

Some of the Leading Personal Injury Accidents in Broadview Park
Visit our HOMEPAGE for more detailed information about the Practice Areas we serve personal injury accident victims in Broadview Park. If you, a family member or friend has been hurt as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of others in Broadview Park, Perazzo Law recommends contacting our Miami or North Miami Beach offices ONLINE or CALL (786) LAWS-411 for a FREE consultation to find out more about your rights to compensation from an accident in Broadview Park. 

Client Reviews
Mr. Perazzo and his legal team are by far the best thing that could have happened to me after my accident. I felt devastated after being injured and Jonathan Perazzo brought a sense of relief to my woes. The expert legal advice and support I received from the Perazzo Law staff helped me to get on with my life as they handled all the legal matters. I am 100% satisfied. Thank you so much Jonathan and the Perazzo Law team! Henry R.
I am very happy! My accident made me very sad. Jonathan Perazzo helped me so much. He is the Best! During the whole time, I felt that Jonathan (JP) is my friend and not only my lawyer. I don't want to have another accident, but if I do, I want JP and his firm to take care of everything again. Thank you very much to all the team! Antonio P.
Jonathan Perazzo is an excellent lawyer and his team works in a such a professional way. Also, they helped me understand things about my case that I didn't understand. I am very happy with Perazzo Law and the results they got for me. There is nothing bad I can say about Perazzo Law. Jorge L.