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Escalator Accidents

Miami and North Miami Beach Personal Injury Law Firm Serving Victims Hurt by Defective Escalators in Miami-Dade

Perazzo Law understands that any, if not all mechanical devices are subject to malfunction and may sometimes break-down, either due to defective manufacturing or lack of proper maintenance. That's why the Perazzo Law Firm's Miami and North Miami Beach staff of personal injury attorneys offer legal representation to individuals that are hurt as a result of a malfunctioning escalator in Miami-Dade. Millions of people use escalators everyday in the USA and it is estimated that some 15,000 people each year are hurt on an escalator related accident. Escalators can be found in almost all commercial businesses such as; shopping malls, parking lots, hotels; and private establishments like banks, airports, subway stations, and many more places in Miami. Escalator malfunctioning is quite common. In fact, escalator accidents can take a devastating toll on those that fall victim to them when they malfunction. Escalators, like most mechanical devices, require proper maintenance by trained operators, especially when they operate practically non-stop for extended periods of time. A Miami shopping mall for example, might have a large number of escalators operating at full capacity to accommodate an enormous number of shoppers. Thus, they must be guaranteed to be safe to those that ride the escalators. Though escalators operate at slow speeds, many times they may be hazardous to toddlers and elderly folks as their pronounced inclination can produce vertigo or loss of balance, which could lead to a fall. Falling or losing one's balance on a crowded escalator could lead to a domino effect, which could cause escalator users to tumble downward, regardless of whether going up or down on an escalator. Individuals tumbling downward on an escalator can lead to bruises, cuts (escalators have sharp metal edges), fractures, head trauma, or spinal cord injury. On some occasions, escalator malfunction may lead to a sudden and dramatic increase in speed. If this happens while an escalator is moving downward, the injuries could be more severe, and include amputation and even wrongful death. Faulty maintenance may lead to an escalator coming to a full and sudden stop. If this happens, elderly people may lose their balance and cause others to fall as well. Florida Law dictates that accidents that take place on escalators in Miami, and which are found to be the result of negligence on behalf of the escalator operator in charge of maintenance, can be held legally liable under a premises liability claim. Perazzo Law has ample experience handling Premises Liability accident claims in Miami, and our Personal Injury staff knows how to provide the highest quality legal representation for clients that have suffered personal injury while riding an Escalator in Miami-Dade.

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