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Insurance Claims and Personal Injury Cases

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Insurance companies are typically involved in personal injury cases, from car accidents to dog bites and everything in between. These companies are generally responsible for paying the settlement to the injured party. Although one would like to think that an insurance provider would handle a personal injury claim with honesty and in a fair manner, this does not always occur.Insurance providers operate to make a profit.

Although some insurance adjusters may be fair in their assessments of the claims they handle, others may purposefully delay or deny claims. These are referred to as bad faith practices and are actually illegal. Another oft-used tactic involves offering a low settlement amount, when the claimant would actually be entitled to a higher amount of compensation.

An Attorney Can Help

Due to their complexity and the possibility of ill treatment, it may be a good idea to involve an attorney to handle your insurance claim. A personal injury lawyer can deal with the insurance company, handling any and all communication and correspondence with the insurer to ensure that they do not violate your rights. A lawyer will be able to make an accurate determination of what your claim should be worth and can put the right amount of pressure on the insurance company to seek a fair settlement on your behalf. If the insurance provide acts in bad faith in handling your claim, your lawyer can take your case to civil court, where you may be able to seek the full value of your claim plus damages.