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The Perazzo Law Firm is one of the elite personal injury Law Firms in the State of Florida and was founded with the aim of providing every individual with equal and unbiased access to the judicial system. Our attorneys have an extensive track-record achieving the best possible results for clients and families in the Miami area and all of Florida. Our staff has devoted their entire careers to providing our clients with the highest caliber legal representation when seeking righteous compensation for their personal injuries and litigations.

At The Perazzo Law Firm, our attorneys and professional staff understand how devastating personal injury can be to the victims and their family members. Furthermore, we understand that hiring an attorney to represent you and your family is a decision that cannot be taken lightly, especially after a loved-one has suffered severe personal injury in an accident.

At the Perazzo Law Firm, our highly skilled personal injury attorneys are devoted to helping our clients get their lives back on track. Whether you need help seeking professional advice immediately after a car accident or whether you are in need of compensation for wrongful medical care by your treating physicians, our lawyers will fight for you. We provide personalized attention by tailoring all our resources and experience to each of our client’s unique situations and objectives. Our personal injury lawyers’ courtroom experience allow us to leverage our strengths to obtain the best possible results for every client, and offer them constant access to our lawyers at all times, from the minute you retain our services through the resolution of your case.

The Perazzo Law Firm will always invest all its resources towards seeking the most favorable outcome for your personal injury, even if it means taking your case to court. We possess unwavering commitment towards obtaining the upmost results in order to achieve the best personal injury compensation for our clients.

The Perazzo Law Firm lawyers have vast experience confronting the insurance industry and our lawyers put forth first-hand knowledge of every trick and loophole that the insurance industry uses to take advantage of those that innocently fall victim to careless drivers, negligent healthcare practitioners, and corporations selling products they know can cause personal injury or harm.

Our firm’s mission is dedicated to helping our Florida communities and families by representing its citizens, visitors, homeowners, and doctors. Because we understand your needs may go beyond personal injury and insurance contract litigation, we have expanded our practice to helping clients in cases involving Real Estate transactions, civil rights violations, wrongful arrests, and unfair business practices in both state and federal courts. Our expanding Real Estate Law and Title Division helps our clients acquire their first home and, in the event that home experiences any damage, The Perazzo Law Firm’s devoted Real Estate Law staff handles a variety of residential and commercial transactions, title searches, issuance of title insurance, and loan modifications.

In addition to helping our clients purchase their dream homes, we will fight for you when your property insurance company refuses to honor your claims. Our lawyers understand your home can be damaged by a natural disaster like a hurricane or a careless construction work, i.e. plumbing, roofing, electricity, etc. Our growing property insurance division will litigate against your insurance company for the compensation you deserve in order to protect your interests to their fullest.

At The Perazzo Law Firm, we pride ourselves in representing the people of Florida and their families. We will always put our clients’ needs at the forefront of the fight against the insurance industry. Our Miami personal injury lawyers have dedicated their entire careers to fighting for your rights. Whether you seek compensation for injuries, fighting for justice for wrongful arrest or looking for a home, you can rest assured our lawyers will be there for you at all times.

If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury, we encourage you to call us at 786 LAWS-411 (786-529-7411) to set up a FREE consultation to discuss the rights that legally belong to you.

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