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Airbag Safety and Airbag Injury Claims in Miami

Miami and North Miami Personal Injury Law Firm Serving Airbag-Related Accident Claims in Miami. 

Just like seatbelts, Perazzo Law knows airbags are meant to save the lives of motorists and their passengers in car accidents. That’s why vehicle manufacturers such as GM, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, and Ford, just to name a few, include airbags in practically all their vehicle makes and models, with all these car makers having had to recall defective airbags by the tens of millions in recent times. At Perazzo Law, we are aware that airbags have a proven track-record when it comes to lessening the degree of personal injury sustained after a collision that triggers an airbag in a Miami car accident, they may accidentally or negligently do more harm than good. At high speeds, their deployment may undoubtedly save a driver’s or passenger’s life in a collision. But what happens when airbags are deployed for no apparent reason other than a manufacturing flaw or third party negligence replacing airbags after an accident or premature deployment? When this happens, Perazzo Law knows that the effect of the airbags impact with the human face or upper body may result in severe personal injury, such as facial disfigurement from flesh wounds, burns, even a broken nose or jaw. The bodily injuries can include a broken collarbone, spinal-cord injury, or even head trauma in young children and elderly passengers involved in an incident with a defective airbag deploying for reasons other than a car accident. Regardless of the case, airbag manufactures, automobile makers, airbag designers, car dealerships, as well as insurance companies may have a legal commitment to make sure airbags are safe and pose no risk of personal injury to those vehicles that contain airbags. 

When should an Airbag deploy and when shouldn’t it? 

An airbag, depending on its location in the vehicle, is meant to deploy according to the severity of the impact combined with the speed of the vehicle upon crashing into an object such as another vehicle, a light-post, or even a pedestrian. A properly installed and manufactured frontal airbag is designed to deploy if the vehicle impacts another vehicle or object head on at a speed that exceeds 15 mph.  Though the airbag’s ultimate purpose is to cushion the blow and save lives, it does involve a complex mechanism that may not always be flawless.  Airbags release enormous force, thus airbag deployment may result in personal injury to young children, such as scrapes or burns from the skin’s contact with the material the airbag is manufactured with, as well as possible breathing problems from the chemicals (sodium azide, or NaN3) emitted from the airbag. An airbag deployed upon impact with an object such as a parked car or highway guardrail, takes approximately 30 milliseconds, which is roughly 200 mph of nitrogen force in a passenger’s face.  Sensors trigger deployment by activating chemical charges involved in the airbag filling process. Sometimes, these sensors don’t function properly, and when they don’t, accidents involving faulty airbags happen in Miami. No airbag should deploy on its own. If it does, contact one of our Miami personal injury lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm’s Miami or North Miami law offices for a FREE consultation. 

What to do after an Airbag is deployed?

Motor vehicle operators and owners are not legally bound to have airbags replaced after they have been deployed. However, when they are replaced, they should be done so by authorized airbag dealers, insurance companies, or the vehicle’s manufacturer.   

Are Airbag recalls common in Miami?

Yes, car manufacturers such as Toyota, GM, Nissan, Ford, etc., have had to recall millions of Takata Airbags with car manufacturer settlements in the billions of dollars worldwide. Nothing is perfects, airbags aren’t either. They sometimes explode when they shouldn’t, and they sometimes don’t when they should. Any vehicle that has a safety issue or situation involving the airbag or airbags in their car or cars, should contact their local dealer or insurance provider. Mechanics should not be meddling with airbags unless they are authorized by the car dealership or manufacturer.  

What to do if you or a passenger suffers personal injury as a result of faulty airbag deployment. 

Firstly, seek immediate medical attention if needed. If possible, take photos of the deployed airbag and gather eyewitness testimony in the event of an accident involving another vehicle or pedestrian. Reporting accident situations to the proper authorities is always highly recommended. In the event of self deployment of an airbag, contact the vehicle dealer or manufacturer's customer service department. Never have the airbag replaced or fixed by anyone until first speaking to the insurance provider or one of our professional personal injury staff at the Perazzo Law Firm. 

If you, a family member, loved one, or an Uber or Lyft passenger has suffered personal injury from a faulty airbag that deployed unjustifiably, the Perazzo Law Firm urges you to CONTACT or CALL our Miami or North Miami office to consult one of our expert personal injury attorneys regarding your faulty Airbag claim in Miami.