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Animal Attacks

Animal Attacks Lawyers Serving Florida

Animal attacks are an increasingly common occurrence in the state of Florida. Nationwide, almost 5 million people are attacked by household pets, many of those victims are children. The injuries can range from open fractures to deadly infections. Under Florida law, a dog owner is responsible for the damages caused by the animal. The extent of injuries from an animal attack may not be obvious right away and may often result in an extensive healing process. The lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm have the experience from years of practice to help you recover and replace what has been lost because of the negligence of careless pet owners.

Things to do to avoid an animal attack:

  • Avoid approaching an unsupervised animal even if you know it to be domesticated
  • Avoid direct eye contact with an animal
  • Avoid direct physical contact with an animal
  • Inform an authority figure such as security or call emergency services.

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