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Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle is a great way to exercise and take in the beauty of the Miami landscape. It has also boomed into a growing and practical means of transportation. Unfortunately, personal injury cases involving bicycles and motor vehicles are wreaking havoc on Miami residents, with reported bicycle accidents on the steady rise and with no signs of slowing down.

Careless driving and negligence lead to personal injury in bicycle accidents. Motorists found at fault for a bicycle accident are most often liable for damages to victims in Miami. Many times, bicycle accidents can be devastating to the victims, since the human body is much more fragile than a car bumper or the cement they fall on, and many times it is hard for victims to get their lives back on track after suffering serious personal injury.

The Perazzo Law Firm is fully dedicated to making sure their clients receive the best representation and financial compensation for the personal injuries they have suffered in a bicycle accident.

Bicycle Accident Facts

Streets and roadways are not designed to provide the utmost in safety for cyclists, and most motorists give cyclist little, if any, respect. This said, when cyclists and motorists share common spaces, the risk of a bicycle accident is extremely high.

Recent statistic reports show that close to 5000 bicycle accidents take place per year (13+ per day) in Florida, with 90% of these bicycle accidents often resulting in very serious personal injuries including fractures, disk herniation, brain damage and even death. Some of the reasons for bicycle accidents include congested streets, debris on roads, careless drivers, negligent pedestrians, and much more. All these factors place cyclists at a very high risk of injury, regardless of whether they comply with traffic rules and regulations. Adults are not alone when it comes to personal injury from bicycle accidents. Unfortunately, incidents involving children are among the most common reported accidents, with many cases resulting in severe personal injuries and even death.

Some Common Bicycle Accident Causes
  • A motorist drives to close to a cyclist while passing, thus causing the bike rider to lose control and/or the vehicle comes into contact with the bicyclist. This may lead to very serious personal injury or even death.

  • A parked motorist inadvertently opens his/her door and a bicyclist slams into it. This may lead to serious personal injury. bicyclists should be allocated time to pass before they swing their door open.

  • A motorist crashes into a bicyclist when making a sudden turn at an intersection. Motorists are required to use their rear-view mirrors and turn signals when turning or changing lanes.

  • Bicycle riders are not given the right of way. Motorists continue to hold little respect for bicyclists.

  • Motorist rear-ends the bicyclist when trying to pass them.

  • Alcohol. Drunk drivers have a hard time seeing the road let alone bicyclists.

Visit the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center for further info.

The Perazzo Law Firm has vast experience in representing victims who have suffered personal injury in bicycle accidents and we are thoroughly committed to obtaining the compensation you deserve for your personal injuries.

What do You When Involved in a Bicycle Accident?

Following a bicycle accident, the Perazzo Law Firm recommends you seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Oftentimes, an injury may not manifest itself immediately or in the near future, as some personal injuries may take several years to show signs of injury.

Some Accident Scene Suggestions
  • Seek immediate medical attention.

  • Get written record of any injuries in order to prove you have sustained personal injury.

  • If safe to do so, take note of your surroundings, weather conditions, direction in which you were traveling etc.

  • If there are witnesses, jot down their names or get their contact information.

  • Pay attention to any surveillance cameras around the area where the collision took place. Video recordings can be easily used to prove your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

  • Subsequent to your accident, it is important to keep a diary or a log of any personal injuries or physical therapy you may be undergoing. Memory tends to fail over time and insurance companies employ every tactic possible to prolong litigation and ultimately jeopardize your personal injury claims.

At Perazzo Law we have a proven track-record handling seriously injured clients and provided the assistance they needed to get their medical bills and lost wages covered, as well as acquiring full monetary compensation for their pain and suffering.

Safety Tips to Ponder

Before hopping on your bicycle, take a valuable moment to learn the rules and regulations affecting bicycle riders. Many jurisdictions have rules requiring certain safety equipment and precautions for both the riders and those who share the road.

Some Basic Safety Regulations
  • The use of a helmet and/or reflective gear to enable easier visibility for those sharing the road.

  • The bicycle must be fitted with the proper features to make it more visible at a distance.

  • Determining the flow of traffic and whether you are required to travel in the same direction as motored vehicles.

Bicycle riders must take these factors into account as jurisdictions readily issue tickets to those who fail to follow these rules. Moreover, if you fail to abide by these safety regulations, it can be used to deny you compensation for your injuries. Why? Because insurance companies look for reasons to deny or reduce the compensation owed to you for a personal injury in a bicycle accident. Failure to follow safety rules and regulations can be used as a defense by the insurance company to avoid paying just compensation in any subsequent litigation.

The Perazzo Law Firm is fully dedicated to making sure their clients receive the best representation and compensation for the personal injuries they suffered in a bicycle accident.