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Car Accidents Involving Motorcycles

Miami and North Miami Personal Injury Law Firm Serving Car Accident Claims Involving Motorcycles in Miami

The Personal Injury staff at the Perazzo Law Firm knows that accidents involving cars and motorcycles on Miami Roads and Streets are like peas in a pod when negligence is behind the wheel. One such case can take place on a highway when a motorcycle rider is splitting lanes at high speeds while cars are creeping along a traffic jam. If a driver tries to gain an inch by cutting lanes, it could be lights out for the rider. But who's to blame for a car accident due to a motorcycle rider splitting lanes? Or when a car touches a motorcycles back wheel at a turn and the contact causes the motorcyclist to lose control and suffer personal injury from a car accident? There are laws, and the Perazzo Law Firm is dedicated to making sure the protect our clients in the event of a car accident involving a motorcycle in Miami.

Motorcyclist that share a Miami Highway or city street with cars, truckS, SUVS, cyclists, etc., are always at risk of a motor vehicle accident in Miami. Negligence behind the wheel of automobiles, lead to a high rate of motorcycle accidents involving cars in Miami. Cell Phone use by both car operators and motorcycle riders is a dangerous combination. It’s bad enough to have pedestrians crossing streets while looking down at their phones, but motorcycle riders are also texting and voice messaging while riding. Negligent cellphone use while operating a motorcycle is dangerous, and leads to motorcycle accidents, and many of them involve cars. Car accidents in Miami that involve motorcycles are very high. Motorcycle riders that ride aggressively on Miami streets run the risk of getting in an accident with a car. Because cars also drive aggressively on Miami avenues and streets, and both motorcycle riders and car operators can be quick to beat a red light at an intersection. When this happens, the chances of a motorcycle accident involving a car in Miami are likely.

Personal injury claims for compensation through insurance can be complex in motorcycle accidents that involve cars in Miami. Establishing proof of whether it was the motorcycle rider or car driver that caused the accident is fundamental in an insurance claim for a motorcycle accident in Miami that involves an automobile; or vice-versa. Many times, the injuries suffered by the motorcyclist may be more severe than the injuries suffered by the car driver. It’s difficult to compare a broken windshield to a broken collarbone. It’s easier to replace a busted headlight than a fractured skull. Even though there is a helmet law, brain injury is quite common in motorcycle accidents in Miami that involve automobiles because of the severity of the impact at high speeds. Car Accident victims in Miami are covered by at least PIP insurance as PIP insurance is mandatory by Florida law. Some motorcycle operators don’t have any insurance.

The Perazzo Law Firm’s Miami and North Miami offices have an experienced Car Accident and Insurance Claim staff ready to represent Car Accident and Motorcycle accident Claims in Miami. Furthermore, we are dedicated to getting the compensation the accident victim or victims deserve for any personal injuries. property damage, loss, or even wrongful death from a car accident in Miami involving a motorcycle.

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