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Car Accidents

If You Have Been Seriously Injured In An Automobile Accident You Need An Experienced Attorney

Auto Accidents
The attorneys and staff of the Perazzo Law Firm have the knowledge and experience to help you recover all of your damages due to the negligence of another driver. We have helped thousands of accident victims in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Things To Do After An Accident:
  • Do Not Give A Statement Without Consulting An Attorney First!
  • Immediately consult a Physician and give a complete description of all injuries as soon as possible after the accident.
  • Take Pictures Of All Damage To The Vehicles (and photograph the VIN and license plate for identification)
  • Take Pictures Of Injuries (all cuts, bruises, wounds, burns or other injuries no matter how small as the insurance company may dispute that a specific part of the body was injured or affected by the accident later on.
  • Gather together all of the Automobile Insurance policies in your household and Group Health Insurance information to assist with the processing of payment for your treatment and lost wages while your claim against the negligent party is ongoing
  • Notify Your Insurance Company Of The Accident (your auto insurance policy requires that you contact them immediately after the accident and failure to do so may jeopardize your coverage)

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What To Expect From An Attorney:
  • An Experienced Attorney will personally meet with the client at the earliest stages of representation to insure that no important detail is overlooked such as securing quality photographs of the vehicles, injuries and the scene of the accident
  • An Experienced Attorney will also locate all insurance policies that might provide coverage for your injuries, wage loss and property damage.
  • Your Attorney and their office assistants should contact you every few weeks while you continue to undergo medical treatment for a status update
  • Once Treatment has been concluded, your attorney should obtain all medical bills, reports, and records and conduct a settlement conference with you to discuss the ways in which this accident has affected you physically, emotionally and financially. Your Attorney should then prepare a Demand For Settlement Package that highlights these factors to maximize your recovery.