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Miami Personal Injury Lawyer for Cruise Ship Accidents


The best cruise ship accident lawyer in Miami will apply all possible resources to get cruise ship accident victims compensation from injuries, damages, or losses when filing an insurance claim. Jonathan Perazzo, Founder of the Perazzo Law Firm, and his highly dedicated person injury staff, strive for 100% CLIENT SATISFACTION when filing insurance claims for cruise ship accidents in Miami.

If you, a friend, or relative has been injured while aboard a cruise ship or during a cruise aboard a ship owned and operated by a cruise ship company such as Carnival, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, or Viking Cruises, just to name a few, you may be entitled to compensation from injuries, damages, or losses brought on by negligence or wrongdoing on behalf of cruise lines operators or staff.

In Miami, Cruise Ship Companies and Cruise Lines such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Norwegian, and many others, go all out to cater to passengers embarking on an ocean voyage full of awe and excitement. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm understands the risks involved when passengers and crews are faced with the challenges and potential risks that come from spending extended time at sea. Though cruise ship companies provide safety, comfort, entertainment, and an experience like no other, Miami cruise ship passengers can sometimes fall victim to negligence and general wrongdoing aboard a cruise ship either while docked or at sea. At the Perazzo Law Firm, we serve cruise ship accident victims in any of the Cities We Serve in South Florida.

The Perazzo Personal Injury Law Firm offers NO WIN, NO FEES legal representation backed by its 100% commitment to getting the compensation accident victims deserve for their injuries. The Perazzo Law Firm’s fully dedicated and professional staff is familiar with the many causes for cruise ship accidents and we strive to provide our cruise ship accident clients with the best legal representation to help get monetary retribution for victims and/or family members in the event of permanent injury or wrongful death suffered aboard a cruise ship. Many times, a Miami cruise ship accident can happen because of the passenger’s own negligence. However, the truth is that cruise ships are basically businesses on water; they are floating resorts with an array of entertainment options made to attract people of all ages. Over the years, cruise ship companies have been trying to lure younger generations of passengers by broadening their range of entertainment options. Unlike the past, which consisted of mainly elderly and retired individuals taking to ocean voyages for relaxation with a touch of entertainment, today{s modern cruise lines offer a wide range of options, from electric light dance floors, pool parties, and activities offering an adrenaline rush. For elderly people that take to an ocean voyage, sea sickness and dizziness can lead to a slip, trip, and falls accident; either at pool side, on a staircase, or even a busted lounge chair. Anyone who’s ever been on a cruise ship knows of the sensations that come from being at sea aboard a cruise ship of immense proportions. The injuries aboard a cruise ship are vast, and Perazzo Law understands that passengers can suffer anything from food poisoning to bone fractures. While cruise ship companies like Royal Caribbean and Carnival go all out to provide the most in entertainment at sea, sometimes they go overboard and passengers simply wind up getting hurt. Such was the recent case of a 35-year-old Royal Caribbean passenger that was bouncing on a trampoline. After several leaps and somersault, one of the straps on the support harness snapped and he went crashing onto the wooden deck. Sadly, the victim, who was of perfect health before boarding, suffered a broken pelvis and shall never fully recover from the negligence of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Company. He reported received $10 million in compensation from the Royal Caribbean company for his permanent injuries.

The Miami and North Miami Beach Perazzo Law knows of the many types of injuries that Miami cruise ship passengers can suffer while spending days and nights at sea. Personal Injuries aboard cruise ships can involve slip and falls accidents which may result in permanent and life-altering bodily injury. Slippery pools decks & alcohol usually go together aboard a cruise, with pool side’s injuries accounting for head, neck, and back injuries; which may have long term effects if not treated properly or immediately. Being aboard a cruise ship in the open sea can produce bodily effects that can provoke injuries to elderly people when walking up or down the steps or even riding up or down escalators and elevators. (See Escalator and Elevator Accidents). Furthermore, with cruise ships basically being resorts on water, they are liable to Premises Liability laws, which compels business operators to provide safe environments and facilities. (See Premises Liability Claims) Since, a cruise ship is also like a hotel, they are liable for injuries to visitors and guests. (See Hotel Accidents).

The Perazzo Law Firm is fully dedicated to providing the most professional and complete legal representation to Cruise Ship accident victims in Miami. Contact the Perazzo Law Firm ONLINE or CALL 888-PERAZZO for a FREE initial Consultation concerning accidents that occur in Miami or on a cruise ship. The Perazzo Law Firm gets NO FEES until we get YOU money.


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Client Reviews
Mr. Perazzo and his legal team are by far the best thing that could have happened to me after my accident. I felt devastated after being injured and Jonathan Perazzo brought a sense of relief to my woes. The expert legal advice and support I received from the Perazzo Law staff helped me to get on with my life as they handled all the legal matters. I am 100% satisfied. Thank you so much Jonathan and the Perazzo Law team! Henry R.
I am very happy! My accident made me very sad. Jonathan Perazzo helped me so much. He is the Best! During the whole time, I felt that Jonathan (JP) is my friend and not only my lawyer. I don't want to have another accident, but if I do, I want JP and his firm to take care of everything again. Thank you very much to all the team! Antonio P.
Jonathan Perazzo is an excellent lawyer and his team works in a such a professional way. Also, they helped me understand things about my case that I didn't understand. I am very happy with Perazzo Law and the results they got for me. There is nothing bad I can say about Perazzo Law. Jorge L.