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Hit & Run Accidents

Hit & Run Accident Claims and North Miami Beach Personal Injury Law Firm Serving in Miami

The Perazzo Law Firm's car accident attorneys know that car accidents in Miami are a part of driving. Every time a motorist gets behind the wheel of a car, truck, SUV, ATV, or any vehicle for that matter, there exists the chance of being involved and hurt in an accident. When this happens, walking away unscathed is perhaps the best scenario. However, the chances of this happening are slim, as in almost all car accident cases in Miami, there is personal injury and property damage involved. When this happens, there may be legal matters that can turn the accident into an unbearable ordeal for all parties involved. Especially, if you, a family member, or loved one has fallen victim to a hit and run accident. The Perazzo Law firm staff knows how devastating a hit and run accident can be based on that there is usually nobody to blame for the accident. In most cases, those that abandon the accident scene after running into or over a pedestrian, cyclist, etc, do so for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The hit & run driver had no insurance
  • The operator of the hit & run vehicle was driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol
  • The hit & run driver was operating a stolen vehicle
  • The operator of the hit & run vehicle was fleeing the scene of another crime or fleeing from police officers
  • The driver had no valid license to operator a motor vehicle
  • The operator of the hit & run vehicle had legal issues which would have surfaced if confronted by the authorities

In all of the above mentioned cases, the driver of the hit & run vehicle is automatically guilty of a crime and considers it more convenient to leave the scene than to face the authorities and any legal consequences that may arise from the accident. Many times these negligent drivers may hit parked cars or run over pedestrians, cyclists, or two-wheeled vehicle operators.

What to Do if You are the Victim of a Hit & Run

First and foremost, make sure you or any passengers are not hurt and then proceed to notify the authorities. Reporting the accident as quickly as possible is very useful for improving the chances that the perpetrator may be spotted. If possible, check for any eyewitnesses and get their contact information. Secondly, take pictures of the accident scene and check for the presence of any surveillance cameras in the vicinity. If there are injured parties, seek immediate medical attention and keep all medical records of any treatment received or rehabilitation needed. On some occasions, the driver of the hit & run may not necessarily be entirely at fault as sometimes, third parties are to blame for hit & run accidents. If the driver had been drinking at a local bar and got behind the wheel of his/her car drunk, the bartender where the driver was drinking may be held accountable for the accident. The same goes for defective car parts such as brakes installed by a negligent mechanic or defective tires sold by a tire distributor. Regardless, many Miami hit & run accidents go unsolved due to lack of witnesses. That's why the attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm recommends motorists to install a dash-cam in their cars to help catch hit & run drivers and bring them to justice for their negligence.

The car accident attorneys at the Perazzo Law Firm understand the ordeals behind dealing with hit & run accidents in Miami, that's why our highly professional staff at our Miami and North Miami Beach offices are ready to help their Hit & Run accident clients handle the legal aspects behind their Personal Injury and/or property damage claims. Contact us Online or Call (786) LAWS-411 for a FREE initial consultation.

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