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Personal Injury Litigation

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Miami Residents

Personal Injury Attorney The Perazzo Law Firm provides personal injury victims in Miami with professional legal representation when seeking compensation for injuries and losses sustained due to an accident caused by another’s negligence. Our lawyers represent personal injury victims in the entire State of Florida and provide a free consultation with zero out-of-pocket cost for our prospective clients.

The Perazzo Law Firm has experience filing personal injury lawsuits against insurance companies, corporations, and individuals who are responsible for damages and injuries caused to victims of their negligent behavior. If you, a loved one, or someone you know in South Florida or Miami is injured and the victim of someone else’s negligent behavior, our lawyers are ready and willing to review the personal injury case and address any doubts or concerns FREE OF CHARGE. Contact us so that we can provide you or your loved one with the best legal representation we can offer.

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Is a Personal Injury Lawyer Needed for Personal Injury Compensation in Miami?

Yes, especially if any of the following apply to your situation:

  • I missed work as a result of the injuries I suffered in an accident.
  • I have a suffered physical or mental injury which I will have to endure the rest of my life.
  • An insurance company has offered me money for my injuries or losses.
  • I doubt the insurance company settlement is fair and it seems like they are trying to take advantage of me.
  • I do not understand all of my legal rights.
  • I think the insurance company is taking too long to settle my claim.
  • The insurance company does not respond to my claim and is ignoring me.
  • I was injured because of someone’s negligence and I am still in pain and the medical bills keep piling up.
Why Hire the Perazzo Law Firm for Personal Injury Representation?

Dealing with insurance companies can add to the headache that Personal Injury victims and their families must face and we know how devastating a personal injury can be. That is why we become involved in every aspect of the case for you. We make sure that you have less to worry about while trying to recover from your injuries. We represent you against the adverse party and insurance company and seek to get you just compensation for your injuries. Our firm has handled thousands of personal injury cases in Miami Dade and Broward County. We fight against Florida insurance companies on a daily bases and work tirelessly to attempt to achieve the best results for our clients. We aspire to be an immense headache for the person that hit you and their insurance company.

All the insurance companies have lawyers, WE THINK YOU SHOULD TOO!

Our Professional Approach Sets Us Apart

We have handled thousands of lawsuits against negligent parties and insurance companies and have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for our Miami, Florida personal injury clients. We let the insurance companies know that we aren’t afraid of taking them to trial in the 11th circuit court in Miami when they present unfair or unreasonable settlement offers. We have built a reputation for fighting our best on all of our cases. We fight tirelessly to obtain the most reasonable offer we can before filing a law suit, however, sometimes court intervention is required in order to have justice served.

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Basic Facts about Personal Injury Cases in Miami, Florida

Personal injury cases are legitimate legal disputes that occur when an individual suffers physical or mental injury from an accident as a result of the negligence of another person, company, government agency or any other institution. A personal injury case is officially filed through civil court proceedings that seek to hold another party legally liable through a court ruling. Many legal disputes may be resolved through informal settlements before a lawsuit is filed.

Unlike criminal cases, a formal lawsuit in personal injury cases typically starts when a person files a civil complaint against another person, business, organization, or government entity, claiming that they acted negligently and that their negligence caused personal injury one or more people.

Many personal injury cases may resolve by way of an informal settlement negotiation among the individuals personally involved in the accident or the dispute. It is vital for the injured party to have legal representation when dealing with insurance companies, especially if they are offered an early settlement as many of the long lasting permanent injuries and medical bills may still be unknown.

What do Our Personal Injury Lawyers do?

The Perazzo Law Firm handles every aspect of the case for its personal injury clients. We start by collecting and verifying the details of the accident. We then document the injuries received and the expenses sustained as a result of them. We also infer the time and earnings lost on account of the injury suffered and calculate the proper compensation for the damages that our Personal Injury clients deserve.

We check and verify all medical records and bills as well as any evidence available along with the police report that may support our versions of the facts of the case. Insurance companies aim to lower their liability and exposure with respect to the compensation due to personal injury victims by way of attempting to reduce their percentage of liability for the accident. The insurance company attorneys and adjusters try to reduce the compensation that will be paid and seek to pay out the least amount of compensation they legally can to the victims of personal injuries in Miami. This may occur through a settlement process, which may include lengthy negotiations, or in the course of legal court proceedings in a Florida courthouse such as the one located in Miami Dade County. Regardless of the circumstances, we strive to get our Personal Injury clients the best compensation possible.

The Perazzo Law Firm attorneys possess exceptional people skills and have a genuine interest in resolving any, if not all, problems that may arise during the resolution of the case. Our attorneys are up-to-date with all relevant laws and regulations and possess thorough knowledge of the medical issues that may arise from personal injury claims. We pride ourselves in our ability to handle personal injury cases based on our experience and on our first-class communication and negotiation skills.

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What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

Personal Injury Protection is a mandatory (no-fault) insurance coverage that is required in Miami and the entire State of Florida. No-fault means that regardless of which driver was at fault, your own insurance pays for the medical bills incurred due to a motor vehicle accident. This coverage may extend to resident relatives as well as named insureds and, in certain circumstances, some individuals in your car. It was created with the intent of providing quick and easy payments to medical providers in the case of a car accident. This would ensure that victims of car accidents in Miami and Florida would have access to medical providers and the appropriate medical treatment in case of an emergency medical condition being suffered by a car accident victim.

PIP coverage may include medical expenses, lost wages, death benefits and much more.

Personal Injury Protection may cover up to 80% of medical and other expenses resulting from a covered accident (depending on the limits of the policy). This may include medical attention and treatment suffered by accident victims and those involved, such as passengers or pedestrians. Additionally, PIP insurance may cover:

  • Lost wages
  • Service expenses to Injured Parties
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Funeral expenses
The Perazzo Law Firm Handles PIP Cases

Believe it or not, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance companies are wrongfully denying payments and underpaying claims every day. If you are a doctor and reading this webpage, please do not hesitate to reach out to The Perazzo Law Firm. We may be able to help you get paid on your improperly adjusted PIP claims.

This is Where the Perazzo Law Firm’s Services Come into Play

After you sign a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Business Agreement with our office, we can review your patient files for underpayments. We will pin-point which files were underpaid and then our trained staff will scan the necessary paperwork into our secured server. The next step is to mail a demand letter to the PIP insurance company giving them 30 days to pay the bill correctly or provide proof that they correctly paid in the past. The PIP insurance company will either pay the bill according to our demand or correctly issue your rightful payment or they give us their reason for not paying. If the PIP insurance company either denies payment or underpays for an invalid reason we will file a lawsuit in Miami or Broward County against the PIP insurer to collect the money you may be owed. There is ZERO out-of-pocket legal cost for our clients. The State of Florida has codified our fees into the PIP statute and it allows us to fight on your behalf with no cost to you. We represent medical providers throughout Miami and Broward counties and, through their carriers, our lawyers have collected significant sums of money in compensation from insurance companies.

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