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Rainy Weather Car Accidents on Miami Highways and Streets

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Driving a car, SUV, or truck carelessly or at high speeds usually leads to a car accident that may result in serious personal injury, property damage, or loss. The probability of a car accident under the above mentioned circumstances increases when driving along a rainy highway or down a flooded Miami street. When it rains, not only do Miami roadways and streets become slippery, but visibility also becomes a factor which can result in a car accident. Car accidents in the rain don’t always necessarily involve other motor vehicles, but may involve motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, or cause damage to public or private property. According to statistics by the National Highway Traffic Agency (NHTSA) and car accident reports from the Miami Highway Patrol, most car accidents occur when drivers operate their vehicles at high speeds in bad weather conditions and most often at night or over the weekend. Inexperienced drivers operating vehicles at high speeds in rainy weather and on wet roadways can result in their vehicles spinning out of control or flipping over, which may lead to serious personal injury or even death.

The Perazzo Law Firm Car Accident Attorneys advise on what to do if you crash in the rain or are involved in a car accident on a Miami Highway.

Even though driving on highways is statistically safer than driving on Miami streets, the high speeds implied make motorists have to react more quickly and more suddenly. Nevertheless, people crash in the rain, and even though the Florida Highway Patrol is most often quick to respond to car accidents that take place on Miami Highways, immediate action must be taken by either the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident and passengers if any. If possible, the driver or passengers (if any) should switch on the hazard lights and proceed to report the incident immediately, making sure to notify the authorities of any injured parties. Our Miami car accident attorneys high advise against leaving the scene of the accident under any circumstances unless life threatening circumstances apply. Any injured parties should not be moved, as moving an injured person may lead to further injury. The injured party may only be moved if there is the threat of further injury or if the injured party’s life is in danger. Those accident victims capable of doing so should exit the vehicle and proceed to a safe place, either off the Miami street or highway shoulder. If possible, the driver or any passengers, should take photos of the accident scene immediately and ask any witnesses for their contact information in the event of any legal claims involving insurance companies, as well as to provide information on the cause of the accident and to determine who was to blame, especially if personal injury or property damage is involved. The motorists involved should exchange the appropriate information such as vehicle registration, driver’s license, and insurance policy information when safe to do so.

The Perazzo Law Firm Car Accident Attorneys advise on what to do if you crash in the rain or are involved in a car accident on Miami Streets

Even at slow speeds, a car crash may occur when driving along slippery or flooded Miami streets; basically because car brakes do not respond as effectively when wet and drivers may fail to detect bad road conditions such as potholes, obstacles, or curbs, all of which can cause motorists to lose control of their car and lead to personal injury. Many times, car crashes on Miami streets or avenues may occur when a motorist takes a sharp turn or switches lanes at high speeds, which may cause a car to spin out of control or sideswipe a parked car, pedestrian, cyclists, or other moving vehicle. When a person crashes his /her car on a Miami Street, the driver should turn-on the car’s hazard lights and pullover to the curb if possible. The proper authorities should then be notified, especially if there are injured parties as a result of the car crash. The motorists involved should exchange the appropriate information such as vehicle registration, driver’s license, and insurance policy information. After the incident is resolved with the proper authorities and any injuries are attended to, the driver that caused the accident should contact a personal injury lawyer for legal representation in the event of an insurance claim by the car accident victim.

When to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer following a Car Accident on Miami Highways

Given our professional experience representing clients that crash their car or are crashed into on Miami highways, we always encourage motorists and passengers to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer immediately after the police file their report and any injuries that require immediate attention are attended to. Many times, regardless of whether or not there are evident signs of personal injury, there may be consequential injuries that may take time to reveal themselves. Some of these injuries may include Brain or Spinal Cord Injuries as a result of sudden impact to the head or whiplash. Furthermore, we advise accident victims to seek representation in the event that the other party involved in the accident hires a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for personal injuries or property damage; either privately or through their insurance provider.

If you have crashed in the rain or were crashed into by another vehicle, either as a motorcyclist, cyclists, skateboarder, or pedestrian, the Perazzo Law Car Accident Attorneys urge you contact to us to discuss your legal rights to compensation for your personal injuries, damages, or losses. We also urge car accident victims to contact us for a FREE initial consultation to understand where they stand with regards to PIP and insurance litigation.