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Real Estate & Title

Perazzo Law is a full-service law firm that can assist its clients with all of their title needs. Perazzo Law employees are committed to providing our clients statewide with a level of satisfaction that is unparalleled in the title insurance industry. Our real estate attorneys and staff have 18 years’ experience to handle every aspect of the real estate practice from basic refinances and closing transaction to short sale negotiations and commercial transactions. Based on our experience and expertise, we are confident that you'll appreciate the difference between dealing with a corporate title company and a professional law firm that can give you both real estate-related products and services and legal advice and protection, during your transaction.

Title Services
  • Deposit and disburse escrow funds
  • Keep all parties informed of progress
  • Respond to the lender’s requirements
  • Coordinate the signing of loan/closing documents
  • Prorate & adjust insurance, taxes, rents, etc.
  • Record the deed and loan documents
  • Prepares final statement outlining funds received & to be disbursed
  • Report the transaction, as required, by state and federal agencies
Short Sales

If you’re like many homeowners across the State of Florida, you are likely underwater on your mortgage, meaning that you owe more than your home is currently worth. If you’re struggling to both make your mortgage payment and make ends meet, a short sale may be an option to consider.

A short sale is the sale of a home where the amount received is insufficient to pay the mortgage and other traditional closing costs associated with selling a piece of real estate; the sales process come up "short" and cannot pay all that is due. If the mortgage lender agrees to accept the proceeds of the short sale, this is clearly a good thing for a struggling homeowner. However, there may be tax or other consequences to the borrower. At Perazzo Law, a short sale attorney can guide you through the short sale process. A short sale can be beneficial to all parties involved -- you and your lender -- as well as help property values in your neighborhood recover more quickly. A short sale mitigates your loss by stopping the slide and ensuring that you recover for your lender the most that you possibly can. It also helps the lender in that the lender no longer has to pay for attorneys' fees and costs to prosecute a foreclosure process. Finally, the lender will not need to hire an "REO company" to secure and maintain the property after likely taking back the title to the property in a foreclosure -- all of these results are beneficial.

The short sale process, however, can also be complicated if not overwhelming. That is why we are here to help. At Perazzo Law a short sale attorney will assist you with the entire transaction: placing you in touch with a realtor (if you do not have one), drafting the offer, negotiating the sale, closing the transaction, writing the title insurance, and directing payment of the proceeds to the bank in order to pay off your mortgage. In most cases, the attorneys at Perazzo law will be able to negotiate the deal in such a way that there will be no further liability to you.

Alternatives to Foreclosure

There are many alternatives to foreclosure that our attorneys can assist you with, including a short sale or a modification to make sure that all of the resources that you need to assist you with a short sale are here at our firm -- you will not need to go to several professionals to "piece together" a team to assist you. If you need a knowledgeable, trusted realtor who knows the market and the short sale process, we we work closely with several who can make sure your needs are met. It is critical that no stones are left unturned and that all things are considered in advance to give you -- our client -- the best chance at success. Here at PerazzoLaw, we have made sure that our process and our representation is thorough and complete. For more information from a short sale attorney at PerazzoLaw including information about how to avoid foreclosure, please contact us today.

Perazzo Law preserves and facilitates the needs and promotes the success of attorneys' real estate practices by providing valuable, relevant, and timely information, as well as innovative products and services that allow attorneys to conduct transactions electronically, easily, and efficiently.

If you have questions about your real estate, title, or short sale options, please contact us today. (786-529-7411)

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