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Swimming Pool Accidents

Miami and North Miami Beach Personal Injury Law Firm Serving Swimming Pool Accident Claims at Miami Hotels

The Perazzo Law Firm handles swimming pool related personal injury accident claims which take place at Miami hotels, motels, spas, private residences, or anywhere where individuals are hurt in or around a swimming pool, with 67% of these deaths involving children under the age of four. Alcohol consumption among adults constitutes are large percentage of swimming pool related deaths and injuries. The Center For Disease Control (CDC) states that some 3500 people drown every year in swimming pools as a result of slip, trips, falls, and diving which result in head injuries. Swimming pool accidents that take place at hotel, motel, spas, or even private residences, fall under Premises Liability laws, which holds property owners, operators, managers, legally liable for injury or wrongful death resulting from negligence. The Perazzo Law Firm's personal injury attorneys are experts when it comes to handling premises liability claims for compensation from injuries that take place at hotel, motel, spa, and private residence swimming pools.

Swimming pools are their surrounding create a sensation of relaxation, especially at hotels, motels, or spas. Vacationers are at risk of suffering personal injury in or around a swimming pool because most often enough, there is alcohol involved, which may bring about negligence while either in the pool or around edges. Small children and toddler are at an extremely high risk of suffering severe personal injury and even wrongful death from drowning. There are set rules and regulations when hotel or motel swimming pools are open to their guests.

If you, a loved one, or family member has suffered personal injury or wrongful death as a result of negligence on behalf of hotel or motel managers regarding proper safety measures for swimming pools, the Perazzo Law Firm's professional staff is ready to handle your Premises Liability Claim for Compensation for Swimming pool accidents in Miami.