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Fully dedicated to placing its client's best interest at the forefront of each case, the Miami Perazzo Law Firm shares best insight for understanding accidents stemming from illegal U-turns and how to avoid breaking the law or causing an accident when making a U-Turn in Miami and the Miami Metropolitan Area.

Believe it or not, and according to Florida Statute 316.1515, making a U-turn in Florida is totally legal as long as it is safe to make the u-turn and without putting another motorist, motorcycle rider, cyclist, or pedestrian in danger or at risk of being run over or suffering personal injury. If there is a NO U-TURN sign clearly posted at an intersection, highway road, etc., then making a u-turn is illegal. Perazzo Law knows that making an illegal U-turn in Miami or Florida can cost the motor vehicle operator anywhere from $125,50 to $151 plus court costs. Making an illegal U-turn will also cost the motor vehicle operator three points on his/her driver’s license. Making U-turns at Miami intersections, avenues, streets, basically boils-down to common sense. If there is a sign that states NO U-TURNS PERMITTED, then motorists are advised not to make a U-turn at a Miami intersection, two-way street or avenue. Many times, making illegal U-turns in Miami will result in a traffic ticket, which will delay the haste of reaching a motorist's destination more promptly. Miami police are quick to issue traffic violation tickets for illegal U-turns, mainly because they can lead to an accident that may involve personal injury, property damage, loss, or even wrongful death to another motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian. Perazzo Law understands that a motorist aiming to make a U-turn while waiting at a Miami intersection and who has a green light, is legally permitted to make a U-turn if there is no visible sign stating otherwise. However, the motorist must make sure there is no risk of an accident when he/she makes a U-turn at the Miami intersection, avenue, street, or highway. In the event that the light is red, those motorists aiming to make a U-turn is legally bound to yield to any motorists driving in the opposite direction. A motorist is required by law to obey traffic laws when operating a car, truck, motorcycle, or any other street legal vehicle on Miami roadways and streets. Thus, they must apply safety measures behind the wheel at all times to avoid accidents brought on by negligence. A motorists that makes a U-turn, which is usually caused by spontaneous reactions to going in the wrong direction, forgetting something, or simply trying to save time by avoiding to go around the block or exit a highway in order to turn around, must make sure it is absolutely safe to do so. Negligent U-turns in Miami can lead to multiple accidents with either on-coming traffic or pedestrians crossing the street. Many pedestrians are distracted by cell phone use and are most often looking down while walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street, hence, they don’t expect motorists to make hasty U-turns. When this happens, the results can be devastating to the pedestrian and turn into a legal nightmare to the motorist.

  1. A motorist makes an illegal U-turn and causes an accident. There is a reason why NO U-TURN signs are posted at certain intersections, avenues, or streets in Miami. Most often NO U-TURN SIGNS are posted where there are various driving lanes that involve turning lanes. When motorists make illegal U-turns where left-lane turns are involved, most often there is an accident. When pedestrians are involved in Illegal U-turns, there may be extensive medical treatment required and this may lead to a Compensation Claim followed by a lawsuit. Thus, Perazzo Law and it’s Miami and North Miami Beach staff of Personal Injury lawyers that specialize in car accidents in Miami, highly recommend not making illegal U-turns at Miami intersection, avenues, crosswalks, or roadways.
  2. Making U-turns in Miami under bad weather conditions can most often lead to accidents. When the weather is bad and it is raining, visibility and braking distances play a major role in accidents that involve U-turns, be they legal or illegal. Thus, Perazzo Law recommends added safety and alertness when planning to make a legal U-turn on a Miami street, intersection, or highway. If at all possible refrain from making U-turns in bad weather.
  3. U-turn accidents in Miami can be the result of not yielding to the right of way of another motorist. Haste makes waste and many motorists are quick to make a U-turn without taking into account the other driver’s right of way. Hasty U-turns lead to accidents when right of way is not respected. Perazzo Law suggests drivers to take their time when making U-turns in Miami to avoid accidents and legal complications by accident victims suffering personal injury, property damage, loss, or even wrongful death by not yielding to right of way when making a U-turn in Miami.
  4. Negligent cellphone use by motorists seems practically inevitable, and when this combines with legal or illegal U-turns, the results can be catastrophic for the victims of an accident. A good rule of thumb by the Perazzo Law firm when dealing with situations involving U-turns in Miami is to avoid texting while driving, especially if about to make a U-turn at a Miami intersection, crosswalk, traffic light, or highway. Better to be safe than sorry when making U-turns in Miami.

Most often enough, and given the Perazzo Law Firm’s experience handling U-turn related accidents in Miami, the driver making the U-turn is liable for any injury, damage, or loss inflicted upon the accident victim. This may occur regardless of whether the U-turn was carried out legally and safely. Obviously, if a pedestrian spots a driver making a legal U-turn in Miami, he/she may not jump in front of the car to inflict injury upon him/herself. Perazzo Law’s staff of personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers that handle accident cases in Miami that involve U-turns, understands the complexities behind U-turn accidents, thus gathering eyewitness testimony is fundamental for a personal injury claim following a U-turn related accident in Miami. If a motorists causes an accident after making an illegal U-turn in Miami, then proving fault on behalf the motorist by the injured party’s personal injury attorney is relatively less complex. Sometimes, a U-turn may result in property damage with no individuals injured as a driver may lose control of his/her vehicle when attempting a sudden U-turn at high speeds or on wet roadway conditions. Drivers may spin out of control and cause property damage to someone’s home or parked vehicle. Again, Perazzo Law advises motorists attempting U-turn to implement extreme caution at all times to prevent accidents from negligent U-turns in Miami.

If you, a family member, or loved one has suffered personal injury, property damage, loss, or even wrongful death as a result of a driver’s negligent U-turn on a Miami street, intersection, avenue, or highway, Perazzo Law urges you to contact our Miami or North Miami Beach offices ONLINE or CALL (786) LAWS-411 for a FREE initial consultation to discuss your legal rights to compensation claims from a U-turn accident in Miami.


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